Tbars | Elsie May
Tbars | Elsie May

Tbars | Elsie May

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These Classic Leather T-Bar shoes in a light tan, featuring a scalloped edge detailing with lace-like trim is a shoe every little babe needs.  Hard sole and soft sole options available. The soft sole version is made from non-slip suede leather.  Please note:  If unsure about the size, always size up.  Your babe is guaranteed to grow!

Product Details
Made from 100% leather, including the internal lining.

Size Chart Below

Size cm Sole 
2 11.8cm Soft Sole
3 12.6cm Soft Sole
4 13.4cm Soft Sole 
5 14.2cm Hard Sole
6 15.0cm Hard Sole
7 15.8cm Hard Sole
8 16.6cm Hard Sole
9 17.4cm Hard Sole
10 18.2cm Hard Sole