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| Our Tale |
Hi!  My name is Jill, and welcome to Little Addie Jayne’s, a place for your little loves.  I started this little journey in 2019, not long after having my daughter.  I have always had a life-long love for fashion and design.  After pondering for a couple of months the idea of putting my nursing career on the backburner to become a fulltime store owner with the perk of getting to stay at home with my daughter, the decision was easy.  I just had to build up the courage to “just do it”. 
That started what is now Little Addie Jayne’s.  I began gathering ideas of what I would offer to sell on my store.  So many ideas, but I knew I loved dressing my daughter in beautiful and timeless pieces.  That is exactly what you will find in my store, plus more.
Something that has always drawn to me, especially now with my daughter, are smaller shops, especially ones in other countries.  I love their clothing and I also think it is important to support other small shops ran by mamas, just like myself.  I have begun carrying just some of my favorite brands from around the world.  Most of them come from Australia, but I have a few from Amsterdam, New Zealand and Hawaii.
I am beyond excited that I am carrying these brands and that I get to offer these beautiful pieces here in the United States to help you save on international shipping!  These are just a few of my favorites brands and we will have more to offer soon! 
I am a one-woman business, with the exception of my amazing husband.  When you contact us, you will always get either myself or my husband.  We believe in giving you the best experience with our store, whether it be an inquiry or a return/exchange.  We will always strive to resolve your questions or problems firsthand and in a timely manner.  Thank you so much for the unconditional love and support and coming on this journey with us!  We are excited to see where it takes us!   
Much Love,
Jill xx